Hmmm... Are those wedding bells we hear? Is Kanye West gearing up to get down on one knee for Kim Kardashian? Is the world ready for that? Let's just assume your answer would be a resounding no. Her divorce from her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries isn't even finalised yet. The Sun report that rapper Kanye is currently having something special made for his ample bootied girlfriend. But it's not just any old ring that he plans to give her, it's one that belonged to his beloved mother Donda who passed away in 2007. And with that in mind, we'll be keeping an eye on this development.

The Sun say Kanye has arranged a jeweller to make Kim a band "that is like no other." A source close to the pair revealed: "Kanye is always showering Kim with gifts but this one is special... He adores anything belonging to his mum so giving Kim this is poignant. Tongues are wagging in Kanye’s camp that he's going to use it to propose"

Though we collectively stick our noses up at the thought of this pair making a genuine couple, this trusty source claims that they are "infatuated with one another and openly talk about their future." They have been inseperable ever since we found about their relationship. And they do look good together.

Marriage is just the first step though, folks. A source told RadarOnline "They've both talked about how they would love to have children, and about how they both think the other would make a perfect parent. She won't get pregnant before her divorce is finalised but I would not be surprised if they start trying for a family the second the ink is dry on her divorce papers."

Oh lord. Mini Kimyes? Now there's a thought.

So whaddaya reckon, will they celebrate the end of one marriage by entering into another, just months after hooking up? Stranger things have happened.