Still we wonder, will she or won't she? Did Ronan Keating really have that affair with a backing dancer? Is he batting for the home team? Or, is it just a case that Yvonne and her husband grew apart? Well, until either of them tells us otherwise, we have to rely on the daily tabloids as our source. What's hilarious about this though is that two of them are saying completely different things. *flings tabloids in the air*

Firstly, in today's Sun newspaper, a source close to Mr and Mrs Keating has said that Yvonne will take Ro back. Yesterday, Ronan returned from Munich and headed straight to his '€2.5 million mansion' to collect his three children, Jack, Marie and Ali. As he arrived, Yvonne left shortly afterwards (apparently not wanting a ho-down) and only went back home once Ronan had left. The rollercoaster singer was heading off to the K Club to spend some quality time with his spawn while Yvonne was, probably burning the ear off, Lisa and Keith Duffy.

Speaking on the pair getting back together, a friend of Yvonne has spoken out and had the following to say " Yvonne gave up her career for Ronan and expected loyalty in return. This time, she will demand it. They will get back, but on her terms. It will take up to six months but they will get there." The paper also says that if the ex-model takes her hubby back, she may well ask him to either cut down the time he spends on his music or say adieu to it altogether, something that Ronan has no problem with doing as he said so himself a while ago..."I would give up everything in the morning. I would walk away from all of this if it affected my family. That is the God honest truth. Yvonne is my life"

Meanwhile, in the Irish Daily Star, the outlook is not so bright for the 33 year old singer. Bang goes a re-release of Coming Home Now then? *badumtish* (apologies, I just couldn't resist). The paper says, and a source too, that Yvonne told Ronan over the phone AND in person, their 12 year marriage was over and she reportedly said "You're not welcome here anymore", Ouch. The Daily Mirror continues that Ronan had hoped to start peace talks on his return and even hoped to spend the night in his home, but was told to move out immediately.

I'll let the source take it from here, "Of course Ronan wanted to spend the night there but deep down he knew he wouldn't be able to walk straight back into their lives. She told him he wasn't welcome back over the phone, but to hear that face-to-face was another thing. But there was always that little glimmer of hope in the back of his mind that Yvonne may have had a change of heart. However, he fully accepts Yvonne's decision and has pledged to do what it takes to win her trust again."

-Alicia Coyle