Although nothing's confirmed as of yet, it looks like Dublin may finally be getting a gaming bar.

A gaming bar is essentially a licensed establishment that serves alcohol and also happens to a significant collection of arcade machines / cabinets on the premises. The two, essentially, are linked as people come for the arcades and the booze.

Gaming bars have become very popular in the US of late, especially in Portland, as people are looking for something different from the usual pub experience. Considering how arcade gaming has become a thing of the past, gaming bars have become popular with older crowds who remember them and want to down a beer whilst knocking the crap out of their friend on an original Mortal Kombat cabinet.

The R.A.G.E. on Fade Street recently posted on Facebook and mentioned that a venture of this sort could potentially be in the offing. The post said that "our more regular customers may be already aware of this, but since last January we've been working on setting up a venue in the city."

"Last April we locked down a HUGE premises, and just before Christmas we received the exciting news that our planning has been granted. We'll be looking to open the doors with the intention of kicking off the summer. We have already compiled amazing original arcade machines, top tier pinballs, and we'll provide drinks, snacks, music, consoles, events, screenings and more."

We've reached out to R.A.G.E for more information on the subject, but haven't received anything of yet. In the meantime, we'll start warming up our thumbs if Dublin does eventually get a gaming bar.


Via Facebook