It hasn't been officially confirmed yet, however there's a great many clues to suggest that Mrs. Carter is preggers again.

At a concert last night in Paris as part of their On The Run Tour, Jay Z let it slip during one of his songs that Beyonce was "pregnant with another one."

Subtle, Jay Z. Totally subtle.

Not only that, it's been reported that - as part of her concert rider - staff are not to play loud music, speak quietly and softly and maintain a stress-free environment for Beyonce.

Now, for all we know, that could be just a standing order. Hell, if we could have that all the time even if we weren't pregnant, we totally would.

This latest pregnancy rumour would certainly put those divorce rumours on ice and, if it turns out to be true, would surely be announced in the next couple of months.

We're taking bets on baby names now. Red Leaf is the favourite. We're also thinking they'd take a page out of Kimye's book and go for a compass point and call the kid South East.