Fallout 4's release on November was, undoubtedly, a massive success for Bethesda Game Studios and solidified their hold on the RPG genre.

With 12,000,000 (and counting) units shipped, Fallout 4 has been every bit the critical and commercial hit we had hoped for. Of course, like any successful game, there's always the question of a follow-up. If Fallout 3 had Fallout: New Vegas, will there be something similar for Fallout 4?

That very question was put to Eric Fenstermaker, one of the designers on Fallout: New Vegas, who gave fans a little glimmer of hope on the subject.


Obviously, this is just one guy replying to a question with an honest answer - so nothing in the way of an official statement on a Fallout 4 follow-up. It does, however, raise an interesting question - would Bethesda be up for letting Obsidian take a crack at it? One of the big complaints about Fallout 3 was how the game essentially ramped out after a certain point, whereas New Vegas offered players a chance to build reputations, factions - a lot more than Fallout 3.

Our take? We'd love to see a Fallout game set outside of the US, somewhere in Europe or even Australia. Granted, you'd be veering more into Mad Max territory if it was set in Australia, but so what? That's never a bad thing.

What would you like to see in a Fallout 4 follow-up? Did you like Fallout 4? Does it need a New Vegas-type sequel? Let us know in the comments!