As well we know, President Michael D. Higgins is viewed by many as Ireland's foremost ambassador for all that we hope to present to the world at large.

He's educated, thoughtful, passionate, articulate and welcoming, but more than that, he has a presence about him that we as Irish people innately respond to - and meeting him is often considered a high honour in Irish life.

So it goes that the Irish women's field hockey team - who recently took home silver medals in the Field Hockey World Cup - were brought to Áras an Uachtaráin for a reception with President Higgins. Whilst there, they obviously spoke with the President about their sporting victories, the fact that they're all part-time players competing at a world level, and so on.

All that, of course, was secondary to the true goal - getting some photo time with Bród and Shadow, the two Bernese Mountain Dogs belonging to the President.

Let's be honest here. While it would truly be an honour to meet the President of Ireland, getting some time to pet those dogs is really the cherry on top for it. LOOK AT SMOOTH AND SOFT HIS COAT IS.

Also, that dog totally just laps up the attention and it's just a joy to see him rolling over it. What a good dog.