Kids these days, they're never off their phones.

A new survey into internet usage by Sky found that 57% of teens spend three or more hours a day online, compared to just 27% of their parents who do the same. That's the equivalent of half a school day spent online.

But before you make the argument that spending so much time online is making teens unsociable, the same study revealed that 40% of teens use the internet for socialising, while only 29% of adults use the internet for communication.

Other findings from this survey:

Almost half (49%) of Irish teens cannot go for more than two hours without checking the internet, compared to 20% of Irish parents

46% of teenagers use the internet after school, compared to 34% of parents using it after work

1 in 3 parents (33%) block certain websites from their children

1 in 23 parents track their children via apps when they are out

60% of teenagers use their smartphones most regularly to browse the internet with only 20% favouring a PC, compared to 40% of Irish parents using smartphones and 39% using PCs.

Almost a quarter (23%) of parents surveyed have never switched broadband provider

Of those who haven’t switched in over two years, 54% said their reason for not doing so is they think they have the best deal already, whereas 23% say it’s too much effort

Via Sky TV