In case you missed it over the weekend, Conor McGregor’s da Tony took to a DART last weekend and was none too happy with his ticket purchasing experience – and he wanted the whole world to know it.

Mr McGregor was furious that upon inserting "a brand new, crisp €20 note" into the machine, he got change in coins, which he was unable to fit into his "slim-fitted, hand-fitted Hugo Boss suit."

Yes, really.

So furious was McGregor that he complained about the “bloody cheek” of Irish Rail via a video which he posted to Youtube and Twitter.


In the aftermath, a GoFundMe account to pay for a Leap Card for Mr McGregor has been set up, a Leap Card costing €5 by the way.

Even Conor McGregor himself chipped in €5 with the message: “F*** sake Da, take me bleedin Lamborghini (lambo) next time!”

An Irish Rail spokesman has also said he would “strongly urge” Mr McGregor to get a Leap Card.

“We’d recommend that Mr McGregor resolves the problem by purchasing a leap card," the statement read.

“If money is as tight as his trousers, he’ll save on his fare as well. You can save up to 31pc using a leap card.”