In a recent sitting of Tallaght District Court, Judge Bridget Reilly has called for insurance for bicyclists.

The call came as a case before the court found a 25-year old bicyclist in Terenure was found to be cycling without reasonable consideration.

Robert Gildea cycled past a red light without looking left or right - whilst taking a phone-call.

Gildea was stopped by a Garda and had his details taken. Gildea also had several convictions and was ordered to make a €200 donation to the LauraLynn Foundation.

In her closing statement, Judge Reilly said that "cyclists can cause terrible accidents by their actions," and called for bicycle insurance to be implemented.

Although bicycle insurance might seem outlandish, it's becoming more and more common.

A prefecture in Japan recently passed a city ordinance that demands all bicyclists have full liability insurance.

Recent accidents in both Ireland and the UK involving cyclists has seen public support for mandatory insurance on bicyclists.

What do you think? Should bicyclists have mandatory insurance?