Twitter user kDamo is living in Edinburgh at the moment, and hadn't planned on coming home to cast his vote, as he wasn't registered to do so. 

Or, at least that's what he thought until he called his mum, who told him that his polling card had arrived to the house, along with the rest of the family's.

Damo decided to spend "a month's rent" on this, and headed straight to the airport to try and make sure that he would get home in time. 

They've even been able to sort a lift from the airport to the polling station to try and help get them there on time. 

However, they've hit a few speed bumps along the way, as the flight has been delayed not once but twice, and the timing is looking pretty tight as a result.

We know at this stage that, despite the delays, he managed to get on this sturdy craft to take him home. 

UPDATEEEEE!. He's landed and is now on his way to getting that vote cast.


And, most importantly...

Someone needs to buy this man a pint, and it seems that there are no shortage of offers anyway.

G'wan the Damo!