In the run up to Christmas, Dogs Trust have sent a powerful message about dog ownership with a display along the canal in Dublin. 

Using cardboard cutouts of dogs, each displaying a reason as to why they were abandoned, a message that is attempting both to encourage people not to buy puppies at this time of year, and also encourage them to carefully consider all aspects of owning a dog, especially the cost. There are 51 in total, representing the number of dogs that get left with the trust or found in one day around the Christmas period. 

The gesture has not gone unnoticed, with plenty of people taking note of them on their daily walk along the canal to work and sharing the snaps on social media, which has gone a long way to spreading the message. 

Fell free to get in touch with the Dogs Trust if you want any further information about dog ownership and the campaign taking place ahead of the Christmas period.

Main pic via Imbibe Coffee/Twitter