Irish actress Ruth Negga – who we’re kind of in love with – was on Stephen Colbert’s talk show last night to talk about the new season of ‘Preacher’.

While on the show, Colbert asked Negga about her dress (and as we know, she hads always been one for fabulous fashion) to which she answered in a fairly typically Irish self-deprecating sense of humour that she wears fashionable clothes to “try and hide the fact that [she’s] lacking in a personality.”

She continued: “I suppose fashion is an armour, isn’t it, for nerves?

“I think there’s a lot of shy people involved in fashion, although people seem flamboyant, but I think it hides a shyness.”

Upon asking if she is herself shy, she answered: “Most definitely if you felt my heart now, it’s going like the clappers.”

“I suppose I’m a shy attention seeker,” she said upon being asked why she chose acting as a career if she’s shy. “I suppose I’m a wallflower in real life but acting creates a very safe space where you can draw attention to you but there’s also ‘action’ and ‘cut’ so it’s a safety net of sorts, where you can be an attention seeker but in a very safe way. Basically, cowardly.”

Colbert also asked about her performance as Mildred in ‘Loving’, for which she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar. She answered that playing the role has “most definitely” changed her life, adding: “I got to meet someone, in the satiric sense, who changed the course of the world.”

“I felt I met [Mildred’s] spirit because we filmed in and around her home and where she grew up.”

You can watch the interview below: