As we're now facing in the very real likelihood that there'll be a snap election called in Ireland before the end of the year, it's time we familiarised ourselves with the political landscape before making an informed vote.

So, how do we do that? Reading political commentary and educating ourselves on the issues? That takes too long. Instead, we've gone out and condensed the political parties into some of the Houses of Westeros from Game Of Thrones.

We begin with..


FINE GAEL  - House Lannister

They've been in power ever since the other crowd were thrown out. Spent millions to make themselves look good - one of them bought a golden hand, the other paid for a Strategic Communications Unit. Will ultimately be brought down by keeping secrets from everyone.


FIANNA FÁIL - House Targaryen

Been in power for a long time, were thrown out when they went insane and tried to blow up the city / the entire country through mismanagement. In exile ever since. If you get into the subtext of the whole thing, there isn't much difference between them and House Lannister.


LABOUR - House Greyjoy

Perfectly happy to shack up with anyone and everyone if it means they get a seat at the table. The one time they did have some power, they made a hame's of it.


SINN FÉIN - House Stark

Big presence in the North. Previously ruled by a man with a beard. Has a shady past.


INDEPENDENT ALLIANCE - Brotherhood Without Banners

Roving through the wilderness in an aimless fashion. Nobody's really sure what they're at. One guy claims he's seen aliens, another guy communicates with a fire god. Probably won't be a thing in the next season / Dáil.



Ruled by an iron-fisted woman who comes across the only honourable person in the entire place. Will likely not have a major impact on the grand scheme of things, but good to know she's there.