In fact, Met Eireann has released a forecast today for the rest of the week that will see no rainfall across the entire island - except for perhaps the North-West.

The five-day forecast for the week ahead will see temperatures reach up to 26 degree celsius with good sunshine for most days and rainfall totals less than 4mm for the bulk of the country. In fact, the lack of rainfall has meant that Irish Water is considering extending its hosepipe ban until the end of July.

The Irish Times reported yesterday that a total of 20 people - yes, really - were reported to Irish Water for hosepipe misuse so far since the ban was enacted nationwide. Met Eireann even posted a drought warning at one point and May was the hottest it's been in over six years. If you think the hot weather is just restricted to Ireland, it's quite the opposite.

According to climate charts, the world has seen some of its highest-ever temperatures recorded this week. So, yeah, this heatwave isn't going anywhere.