After a bruising match, Ireland emerged victorious against France, winning 26-14 in a nail-biting finale at the Aviva.

But more than the Six Nations drama was the fact that the referee was, by all accounts, taking up some people's attention.

So, who is he then?

Well, Ben O'Keefee is a 30-year old referee who refs at domestic, Super Rugby, and test match level. He's been officiating since the age of 19, and comes from Blenheim, New Zealand where he's a practicing ophthalmologist when he's not reffing rugby matches.

That's right, folks - the ref is actually an eye doctor.

Dr. O'Keefe works on ODocs, a social enterprise which hopes to make affordable, smartphone-based ophthalmic imaging and improving access to eye care.

No word on whether he's single or married, ladies (or gents).


Want to hear from O'Keeffe himself? He shares his memories of growing up in the rugby culture of New Zealand and the scenes of celebration when they hosted and won the tournament in 2011 on The Sports Chronicle.