We're almost sick of hearing how amazing we sound at this stage.

Seriously, we're like that hot girl at the bar that's sick of guys telling them how pretty their eyes are. WE KNOW!

A recent survey done by YouGuv has placed the Irish accent as the most desirable out of all the British Isles countries, with 61% finding our brogue to be attractive, although 19% thought negatively of it, but they wouldn't know a good voice if it came up to them and, well, talked to them...

We took first place by beating off the received pronunciation British accent(we Googled it, basically Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock), which came in second with 53% calling it sexy, and the Welsh accent finishing third with 50%, although 30% took a disliking to it, compared to the 22% who had a problem with the received pronunciation.

The worst on the list were Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester, so judging by that, the results seems pretty spot on to us.

We can see only one problem with the whole thing, they've lumped all of the southern Irish accent in together, which leaves us to believe that the British might not actually be able to tell the difference like we can. Still, we'll take what we can get.

Via i100