Sure you can't put a price on having the craic, can you? Well actually, yes, yes you can, and it ain't cheap.

It's been a long, difficult, dry and rather frugal January for many (please send donations to 123 Entertainment Towers, Fake Street, Ireland) and as the shining light of a month's pay that you can hold on to for six minutes before you have to pay all your bills again looms on the horizon, you might be planning a night out to blow off some steam.

Well forget it pal, because you can't afford it, we can't afford it and no one in the whole bloody country can afford it, what with the IMF breathing down our necks and the fact that new figures released show that we're the third most expensive place in the EU for a night out. Consumer group One Big Switch shows that the cost of going on a night out in Ireland is only behind Luxembourg and Denmark on the most expensive list, and costs, on average, €112.

The figure takes in to account the cost of transport, a few scoops, fast food after you've had those few scoops, and how much a babysitter will set you back, which is by far and away the biggest expense at €50.

The data has been put together using figures from Numbeo, that contains the cost of living across various countries, and while we're high up in the overall costs, we're not too bad when it comes to getting a meal out, as we're 9th in Europe on that particular table. We also rank 8th for public transport and 5th for the price of fast food, which is where we start to move up the overall league table.

The good news, of course, is that if you're planning to go away in the next few weeks for a few days abroad, then you know where your money will go the furthest. We, on the other hand, are going to start planning on how to make One Big Switch in our lives and move to another country where it's cheaper to go out.

Via One Big Switch, The Journal.