Liggers and Gennelmen, the creme de la creme were at last night's VVIP Awards, among them - Bressie, Roz Purcell, Pippa O'Connor, Rosanna Davison, Liam Cunningham, Glenda Gilson, Aoibhinn Ni Oneye, and VVVIP's Anthony Remedy, Buzz O'Neill, Brian Spollen alongside the lint roll wielding 'Ornaments', some well tough little people, a bloke with a large bird impaled on his head, the lovely Panti herself (complete with wings), and lashings of innuendo. 

For example, pay particular attention to Bressie conversing on the term "Ride" and whether one should pay or not. Judging by what happens at the 2.59 minute mark of the ION video, he doesn't need to put his hand in his pocket often... or perhaps she was just a shoe shine lady *waggles eyebrows*

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