So, as mentioned in this here previous post containing photos from last night's World Premiere in London (we're still drooling over Isla Fisher's shiny pins), ION attended our Dublin premiere. We had the option to film the London premiere instead, but then we wouldn't have had the joy of speaking to Robert Sheehan about his pesky rash.

Topics that were also discussed by the likes of The Nualas (Gildea was intent on wrecking the joint), Lottie Ryan, the Aoibheann's from Fair City, and the original Borat, included Sir Trev in a mankini (in fact, there was a worrying amount of references to mankinis...), Keith Barry who managed to get several plugs in (we're looking forward to it, Keith), lots of aggresive yet welcomed breast squeezing, the equally welcomed mental image of Love/Hate's Sue Loughnane in the buff, the not so welcomed mind visual of Lenny in stocks being whipped by an unpronouncable in the presence of a fairly excited Keith Barry, and "Naked Tuesdays" as a rule.

By the by, you should really go see The Dictator once it's released next Wednesday and Thursday. To quote Keith Barry's review on the Twitter Machine last night - "So funny I almost puked laughing."

You can see all the photos from The Irish Premiere and the After Party in Caught Out.