Between the BT Young Scientist Awards and last night's Premiere of War Horse, ION have been all over the gaf these last two days.

Such was the abundance of celebrities at last night's premiere, ION's Lenny didn't get to ask the assembled to partake in his Quick Equestrian Quiz (questions included "Who spent his life attached to The Lone Ranger's buttocks?" and "Neeeeeeeeeeghm some celebrity horses").

Stars of the films, such as Liam Cunningham and Gary Lydon talk about what it was like to work with Steve Spielberg, (the director cast Lydon in the role from the rushes of The Guard, don't you know. SS also doesn't suffer fools gladly, shocker) , while jockey's Ruby Walsh (his favourite film is actually Love Actually…) and Barry Geraghty also talk about what it's like to work with howarses.

As if that weren't enough, ION also stole some moments with JOOOOOOOOOOE DUUUFFAAAYYY, and Glenda Gilson - who’s getting used to seeing Lenny about town. Or hanging around her bins. We're not sure.

You can see photos from last night's premiere in Caught Out.