As anyone who watched last night's US Presidential Debate will tell you, there is something deeply wrong with the U.S. and how they arrived at this juncture.

Regardless of what you might think of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, one thing is clear - the Internet loves to elevate a good background character. Barb from Stranger Things, the Left Shark from Katy Perry's 2015 Superbowl Show, if anyone looks remotely weird or funny, we're all over it.

So it goes with Kenneth Bone, the true winner of last night's Presidential Debate. While Bone's question was rather mundane - he asked about each of the candidate's energy policy and how it relates to coalworkers and the like - his appearance was anything but and, before long, Twitter briefly shifted focus to become a Ken Bone Appreciation Thread.

It really was amazing.


As a testament to just how popular Ken Bone has been, a number of fake accounts have sprung up in the aftermath of the debate. It's hard to say exactly what the appeal is, but as someone pointed out, Ken Bone looks the human version of a warm hug.

That, friends, is accurate. We love you, Ken Bone. Does he call his house the Bone Zone?

Ken Bone, get in touch, we need you.

Even Bill Clinton loves him.