You may have noticed we have one or several galleries from yesterday's American Pie: Reunion festivities in Dublin yesterday (we did leave out the shots of Tara Reid emerging from O'Donohue's yesterday afternoon. They weren't that interesting).

We were among acting greats, such as Jennifer Coolidge (she's not just Sifler's Mom, you know) and Eugene Levy (Best In Show will always be in my personal top ten). We were also in the presence of the very charming Seann William Scott, and Tara Reid was there as well. But, really, most of those assembled outside The Savoy, and then the after party at The Market Bar (prime yourselves to see a tonne of photos of Jedward with their arms aloft), just wanted to scream at Jedward.

And sure why wouldn't they, lookit them there in their lovely suits, and blond floppy fringes. They even brought a version of themselves people didn't feel as strange perving over (if you're so inclined), their older brother Kevin. Hellew Kevin. You're like Jedward, but you're clearly not Jedward. Hmmmmm. 

We also have an American Pie: Reunion Movie Show Special for your eyeballs, with - yes - added/shoehorned Jedward.