Insurance companies always rank pretty highly on the list of businesses that people genuinely don't like to deal with, and it seems that one firm in California has no problem with adding to that reputation. 

In what can only be described in the internet parlance of our times as a "dick move, bro", Adriana’s Insurance Service, Inc. from California recently payed a settlement of $21,000 (just over €15,700) to a 73-year-old man in coins. 

The settlement had to do with a suit that Andres Carrasco had taken against the company after he claimed that he was physically assaulted by one of their employees, but things during the proceedings obviously got a little bit petty, as Adriana's decided that this was the best way to hand over what they owed. 

The senior citizen and the company came to an agreement in June, but he was left shocked when eight employees from the firm showed up to his attorney's office in a van with five gallon containers full of coins in hand and left them at reception. 

Having just undergone a hernia operation, there was no question that he would be able to lift even one of the buckets, and his lawyer said that "there are 16 buckets of quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies. It’s going to take us at least, conservatively, one week to count that whole amount of money."

They're obviously hoping that there really is no such thing as bad publicity, but Carrasco said in a statement that "I am disappointed by the way Adriana's treats their customers and the elderly. We might be poor, but we are people too", which is probably not a tagline they want on their advertising. Unsurprisingly, they have declined to comment to the media. 

Via Newstalk. Main pic via NBC Los Angeles