Yeah yeah, we know, we know; we should just be grown-ups, man/woman-up and unfollow the people on social media that annoy the hell out of us without worrying about causing offence.

However, there are certain social media etiquette rules that must be adhered to, especially in a country like Ireland - where you're bound to bump into the friend, family member, colleague or acquaintance that you unceremoniously unfollowed sooner or later.

While Twitter and Facebook both have 'mute' button for this very diplomatic purpose, thus far we've had to endure the more irritating posts by users on Instagram that we can't bring ourselves to unfollow for whatever reason - until now.

Although it's possible to mute your friends on Stories, Instagram is rolling out a mute button that will allow you to quietly block the content of those you don't wish to see anymore, for however long you wish. You'll still be able to see their profile and they won't know you've muted them - and you can unmute them at any point.

The feature will be rolled out 'over the coming weeks', so salvation is on the horizon - keep an eye on your device for updates.