Having battled with both anorexia and bulimia for 15 years, Carly Tierney was crowned Miss Bikini Tall at the Miami Pro UK conetst, and couldn't be more proud of her achievement.

Carly is from South Yorkshire, and told The Daily Mail that she had been bullied for being overweight when she was younger, and ended up battling several eating disorders as a way of coping. 

"I decided to diet in order to look better but in fact I started to look horrible. People would say 'oh look at her, she looks good, she looks skinny', when in actually fact I was going through hell."

As she turned 30, Carly decided that she wanted to try and do something about the fact that she had been struggling with eating disorders for years, and she eventually started researching nutrition, healthy eating and exercising, which led her to bodybuilding, something which she threw herself into wholeheartedly, just 18 months ago. 

Pic via Carly Tierney/Facebook

She became a personal trainer and this past October, she claimed the title of 'Miss Bikini Tall' at the Miami Pro UK bodybuilding event, which was no easy task as she was in competition with 65 other entrants. 

Pic via Carly Tierney/Facebook

It was a dramatic turn around for Tierney who had never been happy with her body to go parading around on stage, and she said that it was a struggle because "I am still like any other girl, when it comes to worrying how I look". However, she added that having taken up bodybuilding, she now has a totally different attitude to her appearance than she did in years gone by: "I think differently about my body than I did before as this is a sport and means things always need improving. The judge commented that I needed work on my bum and my legs. If I had been told that before, I think I would have had a nervous breakdown". 

Tierney plans to tour around different schools and talk about her struggles to younger kids who may be going through the same thing that she was, and can help them see that there is hope and some light at the end of the tunnel.  

Via The Daily Mail. Main pic via Carly Tierney/Facebook