Angelina Jolie went out of her way to prove the likes of Grazia magazine wrong yesterday by swinging out of her husband on the red carpet for the LA premiere of Inglourious Basterds. Brad, on the other hand, didn't seem too pushed about dissipating all the "BRANGELINA SPLIT!!" rumours (he even appears to be recoiling slightly from his wife's gleeful chin here). Did the amount of fine fillies in attendance make him play it keeewl? In fact, there was an inordinate amount of females present for a Tarantino shoot 'em up film.

At one end of the spectrum, we've got someone called Mallika Sherawat. According to IMDB, she is the "first Indian woman to get an offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine." She's been in a number of films, many of which I can't pronounce, and seems exceptionally chuffed about displaying her pants. But, just to show she's not that naughty, she's provided a side view which proves it's all an illusion *waves arms about*. I'm assuming Mallika is from the Liz Hurley school of "crack America by wearing attire suggesting just that".

From Mallika's crack, we move on to one of the film's stars, Diane Krug, who seems more comfortable showing the back of her bum-skimming dress than the front. Then there's Tia Carrere, who seems quite proud to display her handbag (*whispers* which was paaaart of the deeeeeal). As Megan Fox was probably off pretending to be a lesbian somewhere, a clone was sent along in her place. Her name is Jessica Lowndes, and I'm not sure what's happening to her breasts either. Christina Ricci sported a hot little number, which just managed to highlight that her head doesn't belong on a body that small. Bridget Fonda looked stunningly understated, while Sarah Silverman just took the piss. There's nothing wrong with being casual, but this reminds me of waking up late for school, pouncing on the pile of clothes down the end of the bed, and foraging for something that hadn't successfully crawled to the washing machine of its own accord. In this case, I suppose its fitting; her attire is as sharp as her wit.

As for the rest of the ladies, the photographers herded them together in a handy bunch. They failed, however, to get any of their names as WENN just have them tagged as "guests". There were a few more clones thrown into the mix; we've got Brandy down the end there, and what appears to be Phantom's Michelle Doherty third from the left. Robin Givens is second from the left; the bird in the pink and the one to the right of her have been in various editorial perfume ads involving many petals; while the first in line has haunted many of my nightmares... she looks like she could swallow your soul whole.