If you don't know who Alex Jones is or what InfoWars is, count yourself lucky.

Noted conspiracy theorist and general-purpose nutjob Alex Jones took to Twitter last night to confirm news of something that, quite honestly, should have been done a long time. In an impassioned plea to his followers, Jones said that his YouTube channel is about to be deleted and all 33,000 videos will be removed from it.

Just to give you some indication of the type of shit Jones has been putting up on it, he's previously called the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre where 26 were murdered was "a false flag operation", is an anti-vaxxer, and believes that Communists and Democrats are trying to bring about white genocide. Oh, and Donald Trump's been on his show a few times as well, and is a big supporter of him.

The YouTube channel has been the subject of an advertising exodus, with many major companies - such as Nike, Google, and Expedia - not even realising their ads were appearing on his videos. Essentially, these companies purchase ad campaigns from YouTube with the intention that their brands or campaign appear on various videos throughout the site - often without their specific knowledge.

Most campaigns have specific blacklists or exclusion areas which prevents them being displayed over certain videos, such as sexually explicit videos, videos that are distressing or violent, and so on. Just last week, some ads were displayed over a video in which Alex Jones claimed that the student anti-gun activists were actors - in direct violation of YouTube's community guidelines.

YouTube's been under fire for some time now, having previously banned Logan Paul from the site over a controversial video, and complaints from parents that bizarre bot-created children's videos were being circulated.

Long story short, the internet is on fire and it's probably for the best that it all burn down and start over.


Via Uproxx / CNN / Twitter