Thanks to the hard work of a high number of full kit w*nkers, there's a lot of money being spent on football shirts here in Ireland.

The Premier League has become quite possibly the biggest league in the world, and Ireland is not immune to its popularity. Despite having our own league and long-established football clubs, it's hard to rival the appeal that the British teams seem to have, at least for the Irish consumer, as stats revealed that for many of the clubs, they sell more of their jerseys in Dublin than they do in the city where they're actually based.

The figures, put together off the back of sales information from Sports Direct, showed that Manchester United and Liverpool are two of the biggest selling clubs in Ireland, and Dublin beats both Manchester and Liverpool respectively in the sales figures.

For both sides, London was the place where they sold the most shirts, while for many other teams, international locations were rising up the charts. For example, Chelsea are particularly popular in Lagos, Manchester City have a lot of Dutch fans, while Perth is (we imagine) decked out almost entirely in black and white stripes thanks to the sheer number of Newcastle fans there.

The infographics showing which jerseys sell where are below, and feature the eight most popular Premier League team shirts that Sports Direct sell.