Every year, the shops fill with people looking to get all their Christmas shopping out of the way, and although we always promise not to leave it to the last minute next year, most of us end up running around panicked on Christmas Eve.

While that predictable behaviour is not our finest trait, it does mean that we can get some statistics on the way that we buy, what we buy, and how much we buy. Cram all that information into the brain of a numbers nerd, and you end up painting a picture of how we behave around Christmas. 

That means that we may finally have an answer to the age-old question of which of the sexes is better at Christmas shopping, men or women? According to the stats from UK-based marketing firm Smart Focus, that's a complicated issue, but men tend to spend more on their gifts, while women tend to get everything organised by the end of November.

Click on the image for a bigger version of the infographic.

Via DesignTaxi. Main pic via Allie Towers Rice/Flickr