Admit it, you used to think using Comic Sans was great craic, and you handed in at least one essay in school in the quirky font, thinking you were great. 

Well, you're not great, and if you're still using Comic Sans to print up notes for the house that tell people which bin should be used for what and how we all need to share the milk in the fridge, then stop, because you're wasting paper and destroying the whole world. Really. 

Vincent Connare, who invented the font, was pretty vocal in defending it recently after a paper in Australia used it on their front page, and he dubbed it the "Justin Bieber of fonts" because it's both loved and hated in equal measure, but in light of these stats, he might have to think again. 

It turns out that comic sans is one of the bigger fonts available, and it uses a lot of precious (and extremely expensive) printer ink, which is bad. It also means that it uses more pages, and crunching the numbers, the folks at Pixart Printing put together these interesting stats to show just how much of an impact using Comic Sans could have. 

Of course, designers really hate Comic Sans so it should be noted that this is from a pretty biased standpoint, but we're not sure we'd fancy reading a whole Game of Thrones book in that font...

Via Newstalk. Main pic via Wikipedia