Being a good citizen pays off...sometimes. Mainly just if you want free pizza though.

Mike Vegas, of Berkely, California, ordered pizza and chicken wings over the weekend from his local Domino's. Nothing unusual about that, but stick with us here. 

He got his order, ate a slice, then realised he had to head to work, so he threw the rest in the freezer and off he went. Later on his phone started blowing up, but Vegas said he wasn't answering or checking messages because he was in work, and is obviously a very diligent employee. Good stuff, Mike.

Well, the reason his phone was hopping was because the delivery guy who brought Vegas his food made a slight mistake with the order, which Mike found out for himself when he went home later that evening.

The chicken wings, which Vegas hadn't open yet, were what you might call a wrong order. Instead of those breaded little wings, there was $1,300 of cash lying in Vegas' fridge. The delivery man mixed up the food delivery with the one he was bringing to the bank. Surely Domino's could afford a money bag?

Vegas deliberated over whether or not he was going to keep the money, but in the end, despite a number of people telling to keep it on Facebook, he did the right(wrong) thing and gave back the money.

The store manager was so happy, as you'd expect, that he gave Vegas free pizza for a year. Now we just have to work out how much pizza he can force down his neck in a year. If it was us, they'd have been better off letting us keep the money.

Via Daily Mail