Who knew Niall Horan could be so funny? Well, after being paired up with Scottish funnyman Lewis Capaldi in an interview for Glamour, we would be lying if we said we didn't want to see more of this pairing in the future.

Niall and Lewis embark on a "Friendship Test" with the magazine. And as you can naturally guess, they test their closeness by undertaking a number of different friendship-based tasks.

First quizzed about how they met, Lewis said that Niall turned to him and said: 'Lewis, I'm releasing this new album at the minute, I'm struggling to find my own feet as a solo artist - but you seem to be doing such a good job... You're the best solo artist in the world.'

Of course, Niall Horan had a huge fanbase already created, having spent years with One Direction. His solo album 'Flicker' was a great success upon release in 2017, flying straight into number one in Ireland and also topping the US Billboard 200.

Niall says of how the two of them like to spend their time together, admitting: 'We usually bond over heavy, copious amounts of alcohol.'

Lewis was relatively unknown until last year - but after supporting Niall for two nights in Lewis' hometown of Glasgow, the pair became the best of friends, and the rest they say, is history. Lewis has since gone on to dominate the charts as well, with his first solo album released earlier this year.

During the video interview, the pair are challenged to give each-other compliments, to harmonise with each-other, copy their questionable dance-moves, and to hug for one minute - all while the jokes just kept on flying.

The interview finishes off with the Lewis saying: 'It's been a lovely experience, and I always love getting to spend time with my man, my good mate... Neil.'

Here's the full 12 minutes and 37 seconds interview for you in all of it's glory.