When Justin's not mixing music in his kitchen, he's uploading and then promptly deleting photos of Orlando Bloom on Instagram.

The singer, who narrowly avoided being punched by the actor during a rather heated dispute in Ibiza in the early hours of yesterday morning, that was reportedly over Bloom's star's estranged wife Miranda Kerr, continued to taunt his rival by posting the below on Instagram, in which Orlando appears to be crying at the opening night of his Broadway show Romeo and Juliet in New York City last September.

However the 20-year-old was clearly undecided/being moronic about acknowledging his feud with the 37-year-old actor, as he deleted the image shortly after posting it - before sharing it again for approximately 20 minutes.

Several hours earlier, he posted and deleted a picture of Australian supermodel Miranda, who split from Orlando in October after three years of marriage, sparking speculation he had a fling with her.

Legolas attempted to punch the singer at the upmarket eatery Cipriani after Justin reportedly told him, 'Say hi to Miranda for me,' according to the MailOnline.

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