The pair of breasts who had an affair with married Ryan Giggs is furious that her "boyfriend" Danny Cipriani (Kelly Brook's ex boyfriend. I'm not sure how he does it either) has been having it away with another pair of breasts (AKA Jordan AKA Katie Price).

"The Sun revealed yesterday that Danny had romped with Jordan at a pal's house in South West London. Big Brother star Imogen, 28, said she spent months getting to know him before a week-long tryst in Las Vegas. She tweeted: 'After everything in Vegas & all the rubbish he told me about his issues, Danny Cipriani is the biggest bull******* out there. Absolute liar.' A source said: 'He had made promises during pillow talk about how he thought he'd found 'the one'."

The one pair of breasts? When there's so many out there earning money?!