It wasn't just Amy, Pete Doherty, Razorlight, Donny Tourette, Mark Ronson and every other haircut about Camden town that lost their local on Saturday night - the very fine Noel Fielding is also without a watering hole. The Mighty Boosh star told NME: "I couldn't believe it. To see Camden going up in flames was unbelievable and totally surreal, and watching The Hawley Arms on fire was horrible. I was really panicking, so many of my friends work and hang out there, and it's such a good pub, they have really looked after me this year. I'm just glad everyone got out safely." They very nearly didn't. Despite smoke billowing into the venue, the drinkers indoors initially refused to move, with one remarking: "When the smoke started coming in, people were breathing it in and saying, 'Let's get high.'" *cringes*... an insight into the caliber of 'try hards' that used to frequent the establishment, dear readers. Noel continued: "I met (landlord) Doug (Charles-Riddler) and everyone in The Lock Tavern later that night and everyone was pretty shocked." WHAT?! I was under the same roof as Noel Fielding and my Booshy senses didn't start tingling!?! *flings self out of nearby window*.