It seems our illicit love is not meant to be. You are clearly the most stunning creature on the planet but I've just heard you can't dance… which is kind of weird considering you really busted out the moves in 'Honey'. According to what I know believe to be a dubious source (they're cheaper), Jessica is making a hames of her dance routines for her new film 'The Love Guru', which also stars Mike Myers. A source said of her attempts at Bollywood dancing; "Jessica is so bad that every shot cuts the feet out of the screen so no one can compare her missteps to the backup dancers! She's actually very nice and quiet, just so bad at dancing." Yeeaaaah, that's not very attractive… not quite as bad as Mike Myers' behaviour, however. He's so dire he's made his routines flamenco-inspired. He also reportedly has two men following him around with a parasol and a sippy cup to help him combat the heat. To top if all off, "Mike gets easily distracted by the sun hitting any reflective surfaces, so he makes people run around the set with black tape to cover each one. When they are filming outside, the sun is constantly shifting, but as quick as a flash people are dashing around with black tape and covering every surface." The source might be dubious but their imagination should be commended.