And we're back to the Maxim Poll of Unsexiest Women Alive again. It just keeps on giving. Sarah Jessica Parker, who was voted number one, claims she doesn't mind the moniker - "What they don't know is that one day I'll wake up fat. But I'll still be happy, just like I am now. I believe in the old 'sticks and stones' philosophy, so frankly their words don't come close to hurting. And it does not bother me in the least if people don't think I'm sexy. I don't think I am, either." Great, so that's settled then. So who's idea was it exactly to stick you in that tutu or those shorts? For those that didn't read the "article", one writer said: "How the hell did this Barbaro-faced broad manage to be the least sexy woman in a group of very unsexy women and still star on a show with "sex" in the title? Pull your skirt down, Secretariat, we would rather ride your co-star Chris Noth!"