It's very tempting just to blank it - like a lover you don't quite have the kahonas to quit face to face. But that's not a very nice thing to do, so here's a (very) brief nod to the three week fling that was I'm a Celebrity.

In case you didn't know, Mickey off EastEnders won. Sure we knew that was going to happen from the first installment. Predictability isn't attractive. At least he was a deserving winner... Although, I would've been equally as happy if David Van Day had been crowned king, just because he made watching an hour and a half of bush action palatable every night. To be honest, I didn't even watch the final cause I knew it'd be two hours of George, Martina and Joe, gagging on stuff so they could have a decent meal before being released into the lap of luxury.

I did, however, watch last night's I'm a Celebrity: Coming Out special - just to stare green eyed at the six star hotel they all got sped away to. And to watch footage of Van Day's departure again - just to make sure his two loving daughters did indeed run up to him on the bridge, spinning on impact to pout for the cameras. Not a loving word given. He's taught them well.

Will any of the contestants go on to bigger things (with the exception of Nicola McClean's baps)? Probably not. On a positive note: Joe Swash has donated his £30k fee to an anti-knife crime charity. Oh, and we don't have to look at repeated footage of Nicola retching on a roo ball anymore.