IKEA are always on the look out for ways to make our lives easier, and with their latest range of furniture, they're looking to take all the wires out of our lives.

From smartphones, to tablets and soon enough wearbale tech, we've got a lot of gadgets in our lives that need to be charged, and IKEA know that we spend a lot of time attached to a wall by a cable as we wait for our gadgets to get juiced up. 

With that in  mind, they've partnered with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to sneak some fancy wireless charging devices into a range of furniture hitting their shops across Europe and the US this spring. 

The range includes lamps, coffee tables and bedside lockers (that's just downright genius right there everyone) and you can also buy small pads designed by IKEA that won't look too out of place in your front room at home to wirelessly charge your devices. 

There is one small problem, however, in that these are Qi charging pads, and there are two currently competing systems are hoping to dominate the world of wireless charging, WPC and Power Matters Alliance (PMA), that are incompatible with one another. That means that your next smartphone might be one or the other, and not work with these IKEA designs. If you want to stick to cables, IKEA also have a solution for that too. Of course they do...

Via The Verge. All pics via IKEA/The Verge