IKEA continues to strive to make our lives easier by producing furniture that can be assembled with consummate ease. 

Whether or not your front room looks like something from an IKEA catalogue or not, you can't argue that the Swedish furniture giant has been producing affordable, decent stuff for our gaffs for years. While it's relatively hassle-free to put together, almost everyone has had that experience where the tiny screw is missing, or some adjoining piece doesn't quite fit properly so you need to bust out the hammer and "convince it" to slot in nicely. 

However, those days look like they may be coming to an end, as they are releasing a new line of furniture that can be assembled by hand, without the need of any tools at all, or any of the little fiddly bits in the tiny plastic bag that tend to go missing. 

The company claim in their latest ad that you can take their latest flat pack innovation and make a proper piece of furniture out of it in less than five minutes, with minimal cursing and loss of blood.

The catchily-named REGISSÖR line contains a bookshelf, cabinets, and a coffee table that can all be easily made up using just your hands, thanks to a unique set of dowels that slot everything together.

IKEA are hoping that, if this does prove popular, they can extend it in to their other lines. So long as they don't start making chairs this way, we should be fine...

Via Gizmodo