And we never even got a chance to play.

Ikea have had to ban over 60,000 people from playing hide-and-seek in their stores in The Netherlands, after people had signed up on Facebook to play in three separate stores around the country.

The furniture manufacturer had previously held a giant round of the game in Wilrijk, Belgium last July, in which 500 people took part, but due to health and safety concerns they have now banned any future events.

Ikea spokesperson, Martina Smedberg, told Bloomberg that "It's hard to control".

"We need to make sure people are safe in our stores and that's hard to do if we don't even know where they are."

It’s all a giant buzz-kill, but we can see their side to it, especially after hearing about what people got up to in Belgium last year, with people hiding under stuffed toys, in fridges, under the giant shopping bags and in the storage space below beds.

Next they'll be telling us we can't cook food in their kitchens, or use their showers and toilets. Well it's time to put our feet down, Joseph Gordon-Levitt basically told us we're allowed to do whatever we want, so we're taking that as gospel. If Ikea want to change their rules, they can take it up with him.

Via Bloomberg