This is yet another reason why we want to work for LEGO. 

Our wish for the past few years has been to wake up on Christmas morning to a selection of LEGO themed presents, the first and foremost being the ultimate collector's edition of the Millennium Falcon. While that has yet to happen, it hasn't dampened our enthusiasm for the tiny brick company any less, and this latest discovery has made us love them even more. 

It turns out that working for them is not only great craic (we're assuming) but you also get what is without doubt the greatest business card in the world: a miniature LEGO figure of yourself with your contact details on it to hand out to people. Amazing. 

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The current CEO of the company, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, even has one, so it's serious business in there, clearly. 

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As an aside, we still really want that Millennium Falcon, we're not joking. 

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