Like we say every time we question how celebrities spend their sponds; "it's their money, they can do what they like with it" etc, etc. But this upset us just a little bit. Not as much as the one about Kim buying North a miniature Lambo, mind. At least little Angelo will get some actual use out of this... you'd think.

Adele - who has 18-month-old Angelo with her partner Simon Konecki - fell in love with the garden toy after seeing them in her friends' houses so decided to buy one for her little boy to enjoy in their south coast home.

A source said: "Nothing is too much for Angelo as far as Adele is concerned. She dotes on that little boy. But actually, Adele isn't usually one to splash out on things. She's never been one for the usual celebrity trappings. A couple of her friends have the playhouses and she thought it would be the perfect gift."

This isn't any ordinary plastic Wendy House. This is a white weatherboard house, featuring three turrets, a veranda and its own picket fence. It can even be wired up to mains electricity. And the 25-year-old singer hopes Angelo will enjoy playing inside it for many years. Who knows, he may even move into it when he's 18.

The source added to The Sun: "It's the kind of thing he'll never get bored of either - he'll still be hanging out in it with his mates when he's 10." Something tells me, however, that if it resembles the playhouse Suri Cruise was reportedly getting for Christmas, he won't be bringing his mates anywhere near it.

As it happens, Skyfall singer could easily afford the £15,000 toy as it was revealed earlier this year her company Melted Stone had filed a turnover of over £30 million. Not too shoddy considering Adele's not been touring or releasing new music.

According to reports at the time, she took home £12.1 million, which included a £4.9 million pay package and a £7.2 million dividend.