It looks like Iceland has taken a stand against strange names, but to such an extent that instead of just changing it slightly, you have to go all the way to court.

Blaer Bjarkardottir, who was named such by her own mother, has only just won the right to use her first name which means 'light breeze' in Icelandic. It's hard to imagine that as being offensive or enough reason to bar her from using it Iceland. It's not like she was called Burger or Yoga. But apparently the frozen isle has very strict rules on names that must fit in with Icelandic grammar and pronunciation. For example, names beginning with 'C' aren't allowed because there is no 'C' in the icelandic alphabet. The reason 'Blaer' was refused? Not because of it's meaning, but because it was 'too masculine'.

Up until now, Blaer was referred to as 'Girl' in all official documentation. Iceland clearly has issues with gender identity. Which is odd, considering Iceland was the first country in the world to have an openly gay head of government. Either way, congrats to Blaer. We'll hear your name every time the wind blows.