Nothing says class like a can of speeeeearkling wine being promoted by a former DUI convictee. I mean, doesn't this PR shot for Rich Prosecco just make you want to crack open a can of bubbly? What? It makes you want to check if your dog has worms/been paralysed/is currently stretching? Yeah, I suppose the angle does make her limbs hum of a Chihuahua's hind quarters (Tinkerbell has officially become a muse) but you still would. But let us return to her latest promotion, which has been described as: "The perfect 'starter drink' for your night or a special pleasure as a reward at the end of the day." Or the top notch toast at a wino's wedding. According to a source: "Paris, 26, is launching the new 'bubbly blonde' drink - which comes in original, passion fruit and strawberry flavours - in Berlin, Germany, today  and in the US next year." You can almost see her people going "Where will we launch it? Not initially in the States cause no one over 21 will touch it. Not France, or Spain. DEFINITELY not Italy... how about Germany?! They only specialise in sugary white wines and beer!! Now all we have to do is fly her over there and let her work her magic." The second snap of Paris in Germany is particularly special.