"Yes, they're biting. It really hurts and they're up my bits as well." That would be Katie Hopkins - ruthlessly truthful to the end. She's the individual chosen for the (in this case aptly named) Bushtucker Trial which entailed her being encased in a coffin, which was then filled with 20,000 cockroaches and then hung over a ravine. You can also expect a running narrative of how many cockroaches are inhabiting each part of her body, which won't be pleasant viewing.

In other news - *some actor called Christopher Biggins will put in an appearance. He looks like an obese Rik Mayall . * In some news that will no doubt delight his girlfriend, Marco and Cerys get cosy in bed. * In not very interesting news as we've no idea who this individual is; Gemma says being away from her "mystery man" has affirmed her feelings for him. Of course, she doesn't use those exact words. * In some not very surprising news; Rodney and Janice clash as the camps merge. I reckon he not-so-secretly wants to stick it in her but the thought of it scares him as it also makes him question his sexuality. * In other Janice-related news; she wastes no time in sniping about Lynne to the new campmates. They should just whip out their bosoms and be done with it. * In some utterly inane news; J speaks a bit too openly about his girlfriend on TV. He said he's not a cheater but he's worried what he would do if he met another women. So, in short, he's announced to Britain and Ireland that he's really just biding his time until something better totters around the corner. He also said; "Sometimes I think it would be a lot simpler if I had the cheating gene somewhere within me just have a little bit of a dabble and then come back." So that's J, aspiring to be a scumbag.