Forbes Magazine, fair play to you. They have declared Nicole Kidman (AKA she of the innumerous annoying adverts) and Russell Crowe (AKA the oversized child) as Hollywood's Most Overpaid Celebrities. The 'American Gangster' actor topped the new list compiled by Forbes magazine, who compared stars' salaries to the gross income made by the film. While 'Gladiator' cost $100 million to make, and made $460 million gross income, Russell's recent films, which include 'Cinderella Man' and 'A Good Year', have flopped at the box office - averaging $5 of gross income for each dollar he was paid. Not to worry, I too switched off after "Overpaid Celebrities." I could wow you with a load more figures that aren't as interesting as they should be, instead here's the complete list: 1. Russell Crowe, 2. Nicole Kidman, 3. Jim Carrey, 4. Will Ferrell, 5. Jennifer Lopez, 6. Adam Sandler, 7. Cameron Diaz, 8. Denzel Washington, 9. Will Smith, 10. Tom Cruise. *sniggers* I'd say he's RAGING about that.