First, some housekeeping. Yes, Ashlee Simpson hasn't been in the press in ages, and - my - doesn't she indeed look a knockout. This Twitter shot is a bit dream sequencey, but sure they're in lurve.

So, why are we posting a story about someone who's been enjoying some quiet time for quite a while? Well, she's been dating a rather famous person's offspring - which I wasn't aware of (have been enjoying some "quiet time" myself) - and now they're getting married.

OK, ok, ok, in case you weren't already aware (the key words were a bit of a giveaway), this is Diana Ross's son, Evan. I know, big whoop, but it's a very popular story across the t'internet today.

Alongside a picture of her showing off her, eh, rather elaborate ring on Twitter, she wrote: "My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii !!!!! (sic)" He popped the question in Hawaii. Evan also tweeted, saying: "The love of my life said YES!!!!!! (sic)"

The couple first announced they were dating in June last year and by November Evan, 25, was hinting he would like to marry Ashlee, saying: "She's the one. I'm so in love and we've got amazing things going on. And we inspire each other." Yep, that's definitely still the first rush of love hormones talking.

29-year-old Ashlee is also said to get on really well with Ms. Disco Ball herself, Diana Ross. A source who saw all three of them together at a movie premiere in New York City last October said: "Diana kept talking over and around Evan to Ashlee, laughing and chatting and they seemed very close. Diana and Ashlee seemed to get along so well, and Evan and Ashlee held hands while they spoke to Diana before the movie started." The source didn't divulge how many toilet breaks were had, if Diana accompanied Ashlee to the toilet at any point (the true exhibition of female comradery right there), or what snacks were consumed.  

Ashlee will be walking down the aisle for the second time with Evan, after she was previously wed to Fall Out Bay's Pete Wentz - with whom she has five-year-old son Bronx Mowgli - from 2008 to 2011.

Not to be overshadowed by his ex-wife, Wentz has also recently been in the press, talking about the fun outdoor antics he's enjoyed with a certain lady friend...

Photo via Twitter