We might laugh, but considering the way Donald Trump is doing in recent opinion polls, this could be happening.

Hulk Hogan was recently quizzed about which US Presidential candidate he'd like to step into the ring with. However, Hogan replied that he wouldn't want to wrestle any of them. If anything, he wants to join them.

"I don’t want to be in the ring with any Presidential candidates, I want to be Trump’s running mate," replied Hogan.

Hogan's recent woes are well-documented. The former wrestler has now been completely disowned by WWE, who went so far as to remove Hogan from their website and discontinue selling merchandise and memorabilia involving his name or persona.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump's anti-immigrant outbursts continue to be hugely popular with American voters. The most recent opinion poll has Trump winning over 24% of Republican voters, compared to Jeb Bush, who stands at 17%.

The current race to see who will represent the Republican Party in the next US presidential election has become something of a freakshow since Trump entered the race, with many long-standing broadsheet newspapers refusing to cover Trump and his campaign in the traditional sense.


Via The Independent