#FeelingNuts is the latest challenge to start getting a bit of attention on social media, with some A-list stars giving it their support. 

During the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge over the summer, we saw the power of social media when it comes to raising awareness and funds for a good cause, if you can find that magic formula. The new craze that men's cancer organisations are hoping will have a similar impact is the #FeelingNuts campaign, which requires people to post a picture of their crotchgrab in order to raise awareness and encourage men to check themselves regularly. 

It started back in August with TV presenter Rick Edwards, who challenged Ricky Gervais, amongst others, and he got back with a snap of his own. 

The most recent man to get involved is Hugh Jackman, who posted this snap to his Twitter yesterday, and it may well start the ball rolling again and get some real momentum behind it. 

Unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge, no donation is required, you just have to post your own snap which we hope is SFW. Check One Two, a men's health organisation based in the UK, are the people behind the campaign, and with some Twitter heavyweights like Aussie boyband 5 Seconds of Summer and Stephen Fry behind it, this may well be the next craze to take off for a good cause.

Via Mashable. Main pic via Hugh Jackman on Twitter